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The Use Of Disposable Paper Cups Apr 07, 2024

The introduction of paper cups is considered a breakthrough in protecting the environment. The use of disposable paper cups has been proven effective by millions of consumers not only for its eco-friendliness but also for its product safety. Therefore, disposable paper cups are increasingly gaining consumers’ trust and becoming the pioneer in the trend of green and healthy living.

As society develops, the intense science – technology development that follows has led to many environmental pollution issues. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s statistics, Vietnam releases more than 1.8 million tons of plastic waste into the environment per year, resulting in soil, water, and air pollution. Harmful waste from day-to-day activities and manufacturing operations is released into the environment every day, causing the atmosphere to become more and more polluted, posing serious threats to human wellbeing. Did you know that it takes 100-500 years for a small plastic straws to decompose?

In order to “save” the Earth from plastic waste, as well as protecting our environment, disposable paper cups were introduced one after another. In addition to outstanding features in terms of convenience, aesthetics, and brand recognition to attract consumers, paper cups also offer great health and environmental benefits. As a result, paper cups are the top choice of F&B chains, supermarkets, and businesses as replacements for disposable cups made from toxic plastic.

What are disposable paper cups made of?

Disposable paper cups are made from pure filter paper.  The paper material is imported directly from Europe, which is cupstock paper coated with 1-2 layers of polyethylene plastic (PE) and manufactured using processes, technology and machinery that are ISO 22000 & HACCP qualified – a certification of products that achieve high standards of food safety and hygiene in the manufacturing process.

The use of disposable paper cups

Nowadays, disposable paper cups are widely used not only at F&B stores, companies, conventions, but also trusted for family use.

First, the most popular use of disposable paper cups is convenience, the “aftermath” of a fun gathering is no longer a haunting image, since items like paper straws from bagasse, paper fast food boxes, etc. will complement your party and make it more meaningful, and you won’t spend too much time wrapping up and cleaning.

Disposable paper cups are becoming a smart trend of consumption thanks to their eco-friendliness and their biodegradability compatible with all climates and weather conditions, contributing to minimizing pollution caused by toxic plastic waste.

Disposable paper cups can also be used for hot/cold drinks, with sizes from 2.5 to 22oz for different types of drinks such as hot/cold filtered water, coffee, milk tea, smoothie, etc.

Human creativity is limitless, and disposable paper cups are no exception. Each paper cup held in your hand every day represents the “unlimited” creativity of different brands, providing customers with spectacular experiences.

Our disposable paper cups do not contain BPA or PP; specifically, ultrasonic welding technology is applied with no glue, making them safe for consumers’ health.

With the main material being biodegradable paper, disposable paper cups will not turn into a “burden” to the environment after use. Consumers can recycle paper cups into useful household items such as plant pots, pencil holders, decorative lights, creative toys for children, door hangers, etc. Disposable paper cups can also be repurposed after being treated with high technology.

Disposable paper cup creates a great advantage with our modern printing technology lines: flexo printing, digital printing, offset printing. Businesses can easily convey brand messages to customers through the unique printed designs on each cup.